Direction and Focus & Alignment and Reason (Hoshni Kanri) towards making a difference

I am a witness that when women are publicly recognised, it helps them recall or re-establish their “reason ”; What makes them rise up daily and do more. Sometimes, for longer than is comfortable, this reason lingers unanswered in our minds. Great initiative Capital Club, may this be the beginning of increasing our connectedness.  Listening to key note speaker Laila Macharia on this day reminded us that our rootedness is not established by the recognition(s) we get but by how we have set and embedded our higher purpose. The panel with Risper Ohaga and Laila was authentic and memorable.

Congratulations to all these women. Patricia Okello you are a great example of women connecting and raising others in business. #improving how we improve #adding value wherever we go #Hoshni Kanri.