Launching of liquid oxygen supply system at KNH Othaya Annex Level 6 Hospital

Increasing Oxygen access in Kenya is a priority that will be achieved through partnerships, reevaluating supply chains and being purposeful and compassionate. The start of this journey lies in establishing sound regulation and procurement policies along the whole value chain.

We launched the installation of a Medical Liquid tank (VIE) at KNH Othaya Annex Level 6 Hospital. This will guarantee high purity medical oxygen supply for therapy when it is needed.

Well done to Rockefeller Foundation #Juliet Thenya, AMREF #Dr Githinji Gitahi, MOH CS Mutahi Kagwe, CAS Mercy Mwangangi and KNH Dr EN Kamuri. Hon Mugambi Gichuki, your dedication to the people of Othaya is outstanding. As Hebrews 6:10 says “God will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them”.

Medical oxygen is a lifesaving drug used for various conditions including Anaethesia, Pneumonia, Ashma, Shock, severe haemorrhage, trauma, cardiovascular stability, life support for artificially ventilated patients and to aid resuscitation. The pandemic COVID19 has drawn the attention the critical importance of oxygen in ALL health facilities. In children under five years of age, oxygen is estimated to potentially reduce deaths from one of the lead killers of children Pneumonia by more than 35%. The benefit of increasing access to Oxygen from the current 16% in Public Hospitals to 100% has become my personal ambition.

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